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Bagatelas is a socially distanced collaborative work developed during the 2020 pandemic between the visual artist Gabriela Gusmão and the musician Carlos Pontual, each one working from their own home, 276 miles apart. The short films, fruit of intuitive symbiosis using surrealistic free-association technicque convey a distinctive organic flow.

Prêmio Funarte RespirArte 2020

Image: Gabriela Gusmão

Music: Carlos Pontual

Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo, Brasil, 2020.


Loka, in sanscrit, means the world.In a series of four works in video made between 2008 and 2010, Gabriela Gusmão reveals an intimate look through subtle universes. The edition of images and the presence of sound or silence, circularity, time, movements of contraction and expansion are present in the sequences.




This 5'' short film and the Sculpture OroboOroboro were developed in 2021 during the pandemic period by the visual artist Gabriela Gusmão in partnership with Muda Outras Economias - Chamada Digital MUDA.


Experimental bodymind meditation film 35mm by Gabriela Gusmão 

Território do Porvir - A Place yet to Come


This video was filmed inside this Sculpture for the wind made by Gabriela Gusmão at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, 2010. The work was produced by the Experimental Nucleus of Education & Art - MAMRio, Instituto Mesa

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