Vírgula  no Infinito - Comma in the Infinite



30 August to 01 October, 2011


Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro


Solo Show curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio


Curatorial text by Luiz Camillo Osório, Comma in The Infinite, Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, 2011

The contemporary eye is quick and dispersive. Drawn in many directions, we jump from one register to another, as if channel surfing. The quantity of information is generally inversely proportional to the quality of our perception. The eye’s look may expand in space, but it does not linger in time. We might have freedom of movement, but we have to recapture the serenity of waiting.

The key to Gabriela Gusmão’s work is her sensitivity to detail. Her attention focuses on what the eye quickly forgets, neglects, or doesn’t notice. Positioning the camera to capture the movement of time over the course of an hour, she combines objective limits with subjective saturation, the clock’s precision with the elapsing of time captured by the eye and the camera. Time merges stupor and delight.

Whereas the impressionists went into nature in search of the transitory, to capture moments lived in the blink of an eye and the stroke of a brush, Gabriela’s video-paintings suspend movement to reveal the breath of a landscape, the affection inherent in the non-event. In the words of the artist, citing the philosopher Gaston Bachelard, these are distended images that rely on stillness as a happy vibration.