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New Flame

The NEW FLAME is a poetic flying invitation and a gift to the town of Nova Friburgo, acquired through the tender Prize for the Art Monument Brasil 2016.

Date of inauguration: 30 July 2016

Place and time: Via Expressa, Nova Friburgo, 18:00.

A sculpture by Gabriela Gusmão, submitted for the Art Monument Brasil 2016 Prize and conceived by the artist specifically for the public space in the town of Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Built from cuts of steel, the work is 3m tall, 2.25m wide and 0.65m deep. It has been installed in a grassy field in Via Expressa, across which the Olympic torch will be carried on 30 July 2016, when NEW FLAME will be unveiled. Its underground structure and the grass that covers its base create the illusion that the sculpture is being held up by the imaginary beak of a metal seagull. This sensation of unstable equilibrium creates a sense of curiosity and triggers the invention of playful narratives. 

What giant might have launched this ship from the infinite beyond?

In 2016, a symbolic sculpture from the cosmic ocean landed in Nova Friburgo, radiating vibrating waves of positivity with the presence of NEW FLAME. It is reminiscent of the folds of a paper airplane, while also alluding to the Olympic torch. The aim of this work of art is to create a new point of change in the town, a focal point for sporting and other activities. Passers-by can and should freely enjoy the grassy area around the sculpture, which in time will become occupied by trees and benches.


Just as the Olympic torch is always lit, the idea of this work of public art is that it remains a constant source of creative energy in the town. The NEW FLAME sculpture also has aesthetic and symbolic links with the Olympic and Paralympic values, namely: equality through symmetry, inspiration through equilibrium and playful gracefulness, courage and determination through verticality, excellence through formal rigour. Finally, respect for friendship, the wings of this reflection, set us free.

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