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Extemporaneous Flight

Extemporaneous Flight

The wings of poetry enable the extemporaneous flight

the being, free of time, in search of eternity

lives completely, handing itself over to the plenitude of the now


the gift of the glances that hover over the street of inventions

contemplate metaphormoses and monochlorofilotypes

balance vines slowing down until the comma in the Infinitefly

beyond the daydream of contemporaneousness

float in the absolute now

live extemporaneously

Solo show in Brussels    

06 Oct-04 Nov at Casa do Brasil - Avenue Louise, 350. 

The poetic wings found in the sculpture NEW FLAME are also the theme of Gabriela's first exhibition in Brussels, EXTEMPORANEOUS FLIGHT. Here, she fills the gallery with artist's books, video projections, drawings and sculptures all of which  leads the viewer on a flight of the imagination.

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