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Two blocks of salt named Earth and Heaven are connected by a copper wire. Together they are one inside the zero.


In each block there is a line engraved expressing the polarities of the Yin and the Yang. The Yin, the soft double line, on top of the Earth. The Yang, the bold single line, on the surface of Heaven.

This sculpture reveals the fusion of energy that will form all the trigrams and hexagrams of the I CHING.

It represents the many possibilities of destiny, and the principles of both the Extemporaneous Path and the Book of Salt for Water.


2 - Extemporaneous Path Land Art
Stones over grass in a field in Slanic Moldova, Romania
11,2m x 14,7m

3 - The Book of Salt for Water Changes

Object Book
8 blocks of salt of 40cmx40cmx20cm each
variable dimension - 2017

Group show of Brasilian Artists – Felipe Moraes, Gabriela Gusmão, Liana Nigri, Patricia Francisco, Renato Maretti. The first edition of InContext art project initiated by Alina Teodorescu has happened in Slanic Moldova, Romania, in July 2017.

Extemporaneousness is manifested as a dimension where one might get an aural glimpse of silence.


The purpose of this piece of land art is to open a path to a poetic state of mind.

From a transcendental perspective, the work is an invitation to a walk through  a hexagram from the Chinese classic I CHING, The Book of Changes. Here we have stones on the grass forming the lines of Jie (translated as Deliverance), formed by water and thunder. Let's take a walk through the symbols of our inner landscape.


1 - Earth and Heaven are One inside the Zero Sculpture
Salt and Cooper

"The Book of Salt for Water Changes" is made up of 8 blocks of salt, each engraved with 8 hexagrams from the ancient Chinese classic I CHING - The Book of Changes. These hexagrams act as an oracle, and offer 64 possible answers based on a combination of yin and yang lines used to create symbols known as trigrams. Trigrams are also known as families, and represent heaven, earth, wind, thunder, water, fire, lake and mountain. Gabriela sculpted the hexagrams related to the family of water in order to produce this object book insalt.


Shi – The Army. Water and Earth.
Méng – Youthful folly. Water with Mountain.
Kan – Abismal. Water with Water.
Huàn – Dispersion. Water with Wind.
Jie – Deliverance. Water with Thunder.
Wei – Before Completion. Water with Fire.
Kùn – Exhaustion. Water with Lake.
Sòng – Conflict. Water with Heaven.


4 – Landscape to Heaven

Public Artwork
Salt, stones, burned wood
8mx8m - 2017

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