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Extemporaneous Change



Where the soft lines meet the hard edges, hexagrams from the classic Chinese Book of Changes are embodied in photography, drawing and sculpture. The symbols reveal the circumstances of life. The three hexagrams that inspire the exhibit, Extemporaneous Changes, were deliberately chosen for this moment in time.

TÀI is peace. QIĀN embodies humility. YÍ means nourishment, both physical and spiritual. The display in Galeria 32 contemplates pressing themes through symbols from ancient times. We have always searched for peace. Humility is the grand principle. Everyone wants to be fed, both food and words.

Here, we begin with the image. The verb comes in later, during the adventure of deciphering the visual puzzles. Inspiration in the I Ching and the combinations of the lines of the yin and yang. Expiration in the expansion of language and the path of the art. By materialising the symbols we gain access to this inexhaustible source of wisdom.

Somewhere within us there is a silence deeper than the impossible absence of sound. There is the chance of an ineffable encounter with a glimmer of peace.  Extemporaneous Changes is a display with the instinct for transformation. The extemporaneous dimension is the moment of change. To dance in time gives us a glimpse of eternity.

Gabriela Gusmão, Nova Friburgo, September 2017.

Tradução: Camilla Bustani

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